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Provide.net now offers VOIP Phone Service.

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Very rude piece of spam

A customer has informed us that he received a very rude
piece of spam claiming to be from a business demanding money, please make sure that you do not respond to any spam
And to make matters worse it has a virus attached to it

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Provide.net is now offering the even faster version of DSL

We are now offering Broadband DSL with speeds upto 75 Mbps
Call us at 734-480-4200 to find out more information

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There is a new scam email being sent that says - "Your Mailbox is almost full" with a link to "Update Webmail".
Reminder, we will never send you and e-mail of this nature.
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Provide.net will never send you an e-mail asking you for your username or password.
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Digital Voice Specials


  •   Web pages
  •   Text
  •   Email
  •   FTP

Additional features include:

  •   Pop-up blocker
  •   Banner ad blocking
  •   Diagnostic support tool


Provide.net now offers state-wide high speed Internet services.

All DSL accounts come with:

  •   Free email account
  •   Free backup dial-up account
  •   Free technical support
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