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Turbo Connect

Turbo Connect 6 with NOW! Imaging compresses elements of web pages and email in order to send and receive information up to 14x faster over your dial-up internet connection.

Download Turbo Connect 6 or continue reading for more information.

NOW! you have the ability to view higher resolution images for viewing image-rich pages. NOW!Imaging combines the power of pateneted image compression techniques with newly developed concurrent image delivery to render all image data on Web pages simultaneously. As a result, fully usable Web pages appear almost immediately while the images quickly and progressively reach maximum quality.

Additional benefits for Turbo Connect include compression of:

  • Web pages - HTML markup and Javascript
  • Graphics - including JPEG and GIF images
  • Text
  • Email - SMTP and POP (including attachments)
  • FTP

There are a few sources of content which cannot be compressed including:

  • Streaming media, audio, and visual files
  • Secure pages such as those used for online banking and credit card forms

Additional features include:

  • Pop-up blocker - blocks unwanted popups while surfing
  • Banner ad blocking - stop the ads and surf faster!
  • Integrated diagnostic support tool
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