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SiteLock, security for small business

Protect your website from hackers with daily vulnerability scanning from SiteLock!

Every day it seems like there is another story about hackers attacking a website to modify content or steal sensitive data. The high-profile cases involve large corporations, but hacking affects websites of all sizes and more and more hackers are focusing on small business. Did you know that in 2010 alone, more than five million sites were hacked? Clearly, security is something every website owner needs to be concerned about, but solutions can be complicated and expensive. Enter SiteLock. SiteLock delivers a website security product that is simple to use, highly effective, and very affordable.

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Right now, Provide.Net webhosting customers can sign up for SiteLock protection for just $29.99/year. That's a discount of over 70% from retail! Need more protection than what the Basic plan offers? Peruse all of our SiteLock website security plans.

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